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Dr. Joe Houser is the pastor of Disciples of Grace Ministries.  He received his Doctorate of Ministry and Masters of Christian Counseling from Piedmont College of Theology of Winston Salem, NC.  Pastor Houser teaches discipleship, which is how to follow Christ, and has a family focused ministry.   He has extensive counseling experience in the areas of marriage, individual youth to adult, and battered, sexually abused clients.

‘Dr. Houser is also an active member of Rural Hall Area Business Association (RHABA) as well as involved in Rural Hall / Stanleyville Ministerial Association (RHSMA). He often preaches as a guest Pastor at various churches in the surrounding area. He is involved in ministry anywhere the Lord directs him. No ministry is too small or too great.’

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Mischelle Houser is the epitome of a virtuous woman. Walking strong in a league of her own, she has an earnest desire to better the lives of women, starting in the Winston-Salem area community. In 2004, Mischelle Houser became the founder and president of Women of Wisdom. W.O.W. is a women’s fellowship organization composed of women of diverse racial, cultural, and socio-economical backgrounds designed to provide healing, love, and restoration.

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